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Windows XP Registry Cleaner Recommendations The Best Registry Cleaners For Windows XP

posted by: John Andes

A good Windows XP registry cleaner can help solve the classic problems that result from a damaged Windows registry. These include:

  • Slow bootups
  • Sluggish Performance
  • Frequent Error Messages
  • Crashes
  • Freezes

Windows XP is currently the most widely-used operating system amongst PC users. It is commonly known that the registry in Windows XP is far from perfect. There are many causes for the registry files to become damaged and corrupt, including viruses, spyware, and software issues.

Our favorite registry cleaner program, and the one we recommend to users, is RegCure by ParetoLogic.

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What Is The Best Windows XP Registry Cleaner? The Best Windows XP Registry Cleaner

After independent testing of the leading registry repair software programs, we have concluded that RegCure by ParetoLogic is the best Windows XP registry repair software program on the market.

ParetoLogic is a resepected software company that also develops popular anti-spyware software and privacy control software.

Why RegCure? The Best Windows XP Registry Cleaner

Without a doubt, RegCure is our number one recommendation. There are several reasons for this. First of all, RegCure has a very easy to use interface. This will allow anyone to use the program. All they need to know how to do is install it. It's pretty much foolproof.

Our Test

We ran RegCure on our IBM Thinkpad T42 test computer and it found 726 errors. After deleting the errors and using the manage startup feature, our laptop went from taking 4 minutes 43 seconds to boot up to taking 2 minutes and 44 seconds. Performance speeds during general use were also greatly improved. Continued use of the laptop has revealed no errors and zero crashes.

Fast Scan

RegCure's scan is thorough and fast. We have yet to come across a better scanning tool. Once RegCure completes your system scan, it will allow you to clean all the broken entries at the touch of a button.


For more advanced users, RegCure offers the option of ignoring entries or entire hives. This as well as performing scheduled scans and cleans allows for easy customization.

Not Many Cons

RegCure isn't perfect, but we also can't find too much wrong with it. It doesn't include a registry compactor like a few programs, but in reality that isn't necessary. RegCure has it where it counts, making it the best Windows XP registry cleaner (and a great cleaner for Vista and other versions of Windows).

You can download RegCure and perform a free system scan.

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What Is The Windows Registry? The Best Windows XP Registry Cleaner

In case you were wondering, the Windows registry is the central storage area for all the preference and settings files that are created whenever you install a new program, driver, or piece of hardware. Windows constantly accesses the registry while you use your PC, so it's no wonder that registry errors can cause problems.

For example, every time you change your desktop wallpaper, the registry entry for that is changed. Should that entry become somehow missing or corrupted, the wallpaper will not display correctly. Some registry entries have different effects when damaged.

Another way the registry can impact your PC is if it becomes cluttered with broken or leftover entries. Sometimes when a program is uninstalled it will leave registry entries behind. Over time these leftover broken entries build up and cause the computer to slow down.

Registry entries are stored in HKEY hives. There are six in total. Although the registry is far from perfect, Microsoft is not ditching it anytime soon. There will still be a registry in the next build of Windows--Windows Vienna.

Cleaning The Registry The Best Windows XP Registry Cleaner

Cleaning the registry with a Windows XP registry cleaner is a great maintenance and upkeep step. Make sure you make a backup of the registry and also make a Windows XP restore point. We found RegCure to be very effective and safe to use.

Registry Repair Tools Click Here To Download RegCure Free And Scan Your PC Now

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