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Top Registry Cleaner What's the best registry cleaner?

posted by: John Andes

There can only be one top registry cleaner. There are tons of registry cleaner software programs on the market, however only a few are worth your time, and only one program is the best.

In our opinion, RegCure by ParetoLogic is the best registry repair application available. We tested RegCure to see how it worked, and found that it did quite a good job cleaning up registry errors and speeding up our test computer.

RegCure is available free for download, and you can scan your computer to see if you have harmful errors in your registry.

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What Makes RegCure So Good? Top Registry Cleaner

When we tested RegCure we installed it on an IBM T42 Thinkpad laptop. The main problem with the laptop was slow performance: it was taking forever to boot up, and it tended to run rather slowly. It had been in use around 8 months.

Using RegCure is a breeze. The interface is easy to navigate, and the program makes everything very simple. There are options to scan the registry, back up to previous versions of the registry, and the ability to manage Windows startup functions. The Windows startup manager is an excellent way to decrease the boot time of your PC.

When we scanned the laptop we were surprised by how fast the scan ran. The results are displayed in an easy-to-read list format, so you can check over the errors before you remove all of them.

The Results Of Our Test Top Registry Cleaner

The results of our test were great, and cemented RegCure as the top registry cleaner software available.

After the scan identified and removed 726 errors, the total boot time of the laptop decreased from 4:42 minutes to 2:44 minutes. The laptop also ran much smoother and faster. There have been no errors or crashes.

Our results clearly show that RegCure definitely works.

There were only a couple bad things about RegCure. We would have liked to see a tool that made an entire registry backup file. RegCure will also lose scan results if you go to another tab in the menu, which was an odd design decision.

Other than that, the program was excellent, and certainly made a difference in our test computer.

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