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Registry Fix Review Does Registry Fix Work?

posted by: John Andes

This Registry Fix review is an independent assessment of the popular Registry Fix software program. There are several registry cleaner programs available on the internet, and not all are worth your time and money.

Registry Fix is a popular title, and though it isn't as well known as RegCure and Registry Mechanic, it still holds its own and we get many questions about this particular piece of software.

The first question on your mind is probably "Does Registry Fix work?" Let's take a look.

The Program Itself Registry Fix Review

Registry Fix has a very simple interface. It is presented in the standard windows dialog box and does not have any fancy 3-D buttons or smooth, round edges. This is merely cosmetic though, and this utilitarian interface could actually be better for people with slower computers. Registry Fix doesn't have a big memory footprint, and doesn't take up system resources to run.

When the program is started you're given three main buttons on the left and a selection of "sections to scan" choices on the right side. We found the layout a little confusing at first, but it was easy to navigate once we got the hang of it.

Basic Features Registry Fix Review

There are three basic features included in the Registry Fix software program. You're able to scan your computer and fix errors, manage backups, and play with the Advanced options. The available advanced options include:

  • Browser Helper Manager (helps you disable browser toolbars and other "helper" objects)
  • Startup Program Manager (easily enables you to disable programs from loading during bootups)
  • Add Remove Program Manager (helps uninstall programs)
  • Full Registry Backup Utility (excellent registry backup system)

Registry Fix is a fairly complete program when it comes down to it. It has all the necessary features such as the registry scan and the full registry backup utility which we found easy to use. The inclusion of an Add and Remove Program Manager we thought was a bit odd, since this feature is available in Windows already in the control panel.

Overall Registry Fix has some great features that round out the program.

The Scan Registry Fix Review

Registry Fix's scan process was just a bit slower than RegCure's, however we found it to be just as good. It found more errors than RegCure, but on looking at the results we found that Registry Fix might be a bit overzealous in finding extra files that might not need to be removed.

Overall the scan and fix process was fairly good.

Conclusions Registry Fix Review

Program Name: Registry Fix
Publisher: Registry Fix
Download: Direct Download Link
Recommended? Yes

Registry Fix is a good choice if you're looking for an alternative choice besides RegCure. Although we think RegCure is a better option, Registry Fix will certainly give you good performance and results.

Registry Fix lets users download the program and run a free scan so you can test it out. You must buy the full version in order to remove all the errors. If you've got more than 300 errors we recommend cleaning your registry.

Our only concern with Registry Fix is that it is not backed by a larger software company. It's pretty much a stand-alone product, however we have had success using it.

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