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Registry Clean Up How To Guide How To Clean Up The Registry

posted by: John Andes

In this registry clean up how to guide we'll tell you what causes registry problems, why you should clean the registry periodically, what products work the best, and how to do it.

The registry can be a pretty complicated thing, and this page is dedicated to helping make this as easy as possible for you.

The easiest and best way to clean up your Windows registry is use RegCure by ParetoLogic. This is the best program we have found, and we've run several independent tests. This is the only project we ever recommend to people. It is available free to download so you can scan your PC's registry.

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Registry Clean Up: Do You Need One? Registry Clean Up How To Guide

The registry is a notorious problem area in the Windows operating system. It's incredibly important for the proper functioning of your computer. Think of it as the central nervous system. Unfortunately, it's vulnerable to getting cluttered and corrupted, which can cause problems.

The signs and symptoms of registry problems are:

  • Slow Bootups
  • Frequent Error Messages
  • Sluggish Performance
  • Crashes
  • Freezes
  • The Blue Screen Of Death

The Best Product To Do A Registry Clean Up Registry Clean Up How To Guide

Hands down, the best registry cleaner is RegCure by ParetoLogic. We highly recommend this product. Its scan is very powerful, it has an easy to use interface, and it's very customizable.

The nice thing about RegCure is that you can download and scan your computer free to see if you need it. We recommend cleaning your registry if you have more than 300 errors.

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Rest assured that their website is very secure. They are certified by ScanAlert's Hackersafe, Softpedia, and are a member of Better Business Bureau Online.

Conducting A Registry Clean Up Registry Clean Up How To Guide

Before doing anything, make a backup of your registry. This is an important step to take before performing any sort of system maintenance.

  1. Go To Start
  2. Run
  3. Type In "REGEDIT"
  4. Click on "file" in the upper left corner
  5. Click "export"
  6. Pick a safe place to store your registry file and name it based on the date you create it

There, you've just backed up your registry! See how easy that was? If you're running XP or Vista, make a system restore point by going into Programs / Accessories / System Tools / System Restore.

Perform A Registry Clean Up Regularly Registry Clean Up How To Guide

You don't need to do a registry clean up every day, but every couple of weeks is a good idea. This will help keep your computer running at peak performance and reduce the amount of crashes and errors you will experience.

Cleaning the registry in your PC is a bit like changing the oil in your car. Every once in a while you really should run some maintenance to keep it running smoothly. The Windows registry is the lifeblood of your PC just like the oil in your car.

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