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RegCure Review Does RegCure Work?

posted by: John Andes | January 28 2008

One of the most popular registry cleaner programs available is RegCure by ParetoLogic.

We wanted to do a thorough RegCure review to see if it was worth your time and money, so we ran it on one of our IBM T42 Thinkpad Laptops that was running very slow.

Registry cleaner software is abundent on the internet, but not all of it is professional grade. Since the registry is such an important part of your computer, you won't want to settle for anything less than the best. It's definitely a good idea to do some research before making a decision. Hopefully this review will help you out.

Testing The Software RegCure Review

The first thing we did was download RegCure right from ParetoLogic's website (click here to visit their site). The software is only available online, but it's not a big file so it's easy for anyone to download. The download was fast, and we proceeded to install the program.

RegCure's interface was the first thing we noticed. It is clean and easy to navigate, with big buttons and easy to read information. This was a change from some of the other programs we have tested, which only have mediocre interfaces.

The advantage of this is that people with limited computer experience should find navigating RegCure a breeze.

Running The Scan RegCure Review


RegCure Review Screenshot

We ran the scan feature and the program found 726 errors. This was surprising, since this laptop was owned by someone who knows computers rather well.

After cleaning up the errors, we ran the very useful "Manage Startup" utility, which allowed us to disable certain applications from loading when we boot up Windows. Some of these were completely useless, and are a big hog of resources when booting up. The Manage Startup feature makes this very easy to do.

The Results RegCure Review

The results of our RegCure review test run were pretty amazing. The total boot time of our laptop decreased from 4 minutes 42 seconds to 2 minutes and 44 seconds! This was a huge improvement. The overall speed of the laptop is also much improved, and there have been no errors or crashes.

RegCure's Features RegCure Review

Here's what you can expect to get with RegCure:

  • Custom Scans
  • Automatic Scheduling Tool
  • Startup Programs Manager
  • Automatic Repair
  • Ignore List
  • Backup And Restore Features

RegCure is highly customizable for more advanced users. It allows you to selectively scan your system. If you only want to scan for uninstall entries, or program shortcuts, it's possible.

The backup and restore function is a great safety feature, allowing you to roll back your last set of changes just in case something important was accidentally removed. If you haven't run any cleans, then obviously this will be empty at first. Think of it as the edit \ undo button.

Conclusions RegCure Review

Program Name: RegCure
Publisher: ParetoLogic
Download: Direct Download Link
Recommended? Highly

In our opinion, RegCure is the best registry cleaner program available. We definitely recommend this software.

RegCure offers a free scan so you can try out their program. We recommend getting the full version if you have more than 300 errors.

We want to emphasize that you should ensure that you have made the proper backups of your data before using any sort of maintenance software. Make backups of your registry and make a new restore point in Windows. Registry cleaners are not cure-all solutions, and won't fix every single computer issue. However they are extremely useful for their intended purpose.

The program is not free, but you may download the program and run a scan for free. The cost is not prohibitive, and could potentially save you from hassle that comes with dealing with a sluggish, crashing computer. The company, ParetoLogic, does in fact stand behind its satisfaction guarantee, which might ease the minds of some consumers.

ParetoLogic has good customer service and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their products, so it's a safe investment.

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