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Do Registry Cleaners Really Work? How A Registry Repair Program Can Help You

posted by: John Andes

Do registry cleaners really work? This is a common question that a lot of people ask.

There are a few camps on this issue. Some people feel that you should never use a registry cleaner. Others think it is beneficial. So what's the real answer here?

The answer is that registry cleaners DO work - if they are used correctly. Many people who have problems with registry cleaners are just not taking the proper steps to use them the right way.

The Best Registry Cleaners That Work Do Registry Cleaners Really Work?

do registry cleaners really work

There are a couple registry cleaners out there that really do work. My favorite is RegCure by ParetoLogic software. I personally use this registry cleaner and find it to be very useful. It's highly customizable so it only cleans out the files that you want it to.

RegCure also allows you to schedule scans and there's a very handy feature called the "Startup Manager." Using the Startup Manager allows you to easily stop programs from loading during bootup. Not only does this improve the boot speed but it also frees up memory for more important applications.

RegCure definitely had a positive impact on my personal laptop computer. When we tested it out for this website, it removed 726 errors and decreased the overall boot time from 4 minutes 43 seconds to 2 minutes 44 seconds. The laptop also runs much more smoothly and there are no crashes or errors to report.

RegCure is Vista ready, so if you have Vista or are planning on getting it then this is a good program for you.

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How Registry Cleaners Work Do Registry Cleaners Really Work?

The Windows registry is notorious for becoming bloated with lots of "junk" entries. These junk entries can come from a variety of sources. The incomplete uninstallation of software and hardware is one common source. For example, when you uninstall a program or driver leftover folders and registry entries are left behind. These leftover entries can bog down Windows because they are "dead ends" that Windows tends to try to follow.

Registry cleaners seek out these dead ends and obsolete registry files and remove them. The result is a streamlined registry that Windows has a much easier time reading. This is pretty much how registry cleaners work.

Over time the registry can really collect a lot of obsolete entries and temporary files. This is a common reason why your computer might seem like it's slowing down over time. The fact is that the hardware isn't getting "old," the computer is just getting clogged with useless garbage.

Should You Use A Registry Cleaner? Do Registry Cleaners Work?

If you're wondering whether you should use a registry cleaner, then consider the following.

Registry cleaners are great for improving the overall performance and speed of your computer by removing the temporary files that tend to clutter the registry. This is a common and known issue in Windows computers. If you've been using your PC for a while and it seems to be slowing down, running a registry cleaner would be a great way to improve its speed.

Obsolete registry entries can also cause errors. This happens when either the entries themselve cause conflicts with existing software and hardware, or the entries themselves are damaged. Using a registry cleaner can help you find the entry that's causing the problem and remove it with the click of a button.

Registry errors are also a common cause of freezes and crashes. If there is a registry file that's causing a conflict with existing software then the result could be freezes or crashes. If you've ruled out other possibilities for these problems, then running a registry cleaner is a great way to make sure that the registry isn't the cause of the problems. Often registry cleaners can clear up errors very quickly.

Registry Cleaner Precautions Do Registry Cleaners Actually Work?

In order to be safe when using a registry cleaner (or performing any sort of computer maintenance), you should make a quick backup of your registry. This is extremely easy and takes all of 30 seconds.

  • Go To Start - Run
  • Type In "regedit" (without quotes)
  • This opens the Windows registry editor. Do not touch anything.
  • Click on File - Export
  • Name your registry file after the date and put it somewhere you will remember.
  • Click "Save"

That's all there is to it! Although most good registry cleaners will allow you to make backups of your registry and restore them, it's a good idea to make a manual backup--just in case.

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