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A Clean Windows Registry Improves PC Performance Guide To Cleaning The Windows Registry

posted by: John Andes

In order to have a clean Windows registry you must use a registry repair software utility.

I get asked a lot if there are any other ways to do it, but really there is no way you could possible go through the registry and remove all the invalid, obsolete, and corrupt registry entries by hand. There are just too many and you run the risk of removing an important file.

Often cleaning the registry is a great way to get your computer running like new again. All it takes is a simple registry repair program and about 15 minutes of your time.

The one program we recommend for the job is RegCure by ParetoLogic Software. This program performed remarkably well in the tests we ran, and I personally use it on my PC at home. I wouldn't recommend another product because I think RegCure has it all.

You can download RegCure and give it a try right from our website.

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How The Registry Can Cause Problems Clean Windows Registry

Did you know that the Windows registry is a notorious breeding ground for many computer problems, including errors, crashes, freezes, and slow performance?

The reason is that leftover files in the registry often interfere with existing and new software and hardware. For example, if you remove a video card driver through the program's uninstallation tool, often there will be files and folders left behind in the registry. When you install the new driver there are conflicts because Windows is still reading the old driver's files in the registry.

That's a simplistic explanation, but the fact remains that the Windows registry is like a huge gunk collector. Despite it's importance to the proper performance of your computer, it is delicate and can end up bogging down the whole machine if it gets clogged with obsolete entries.

When To Clean The Windows Registry Cleaning The Windows Registry

You don't need to run a registry cleaner every day. Once every week or two is a good idea just to keep all the temporary files from building up.

It's also a great idea to run a registry cleaner after you uninstall a program to remove all registry files from your system. Making sure you remove all the registry entries from the old program will help ensure that your computer remains stable.

Choosing A Good Windows Registry Cleaner Keep Your Windows Registry Clean

When looking for a good program to help you clean the Windows registry I highly recommend sticking with programs from reputable software companies. RegCure by ParetoLogic and Registry Mechanic by PC Tools are good examples.

Good features to look for are a backup and restore utility, as well as extra features such as a Startup Manager that will help you limit what programs load on your computer during the boot sequence.

I would personally recommend RegCure because that's what I use at home and I've had only good results. It has greatly improved the performance of my PC and I run it every two weeks or so.

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