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Best Windows 7 Registry Cleaner Windows Registry Issues

Best Windows 7 Regsitry Cleaner

windows 7 registry cleanerThe Windows 7 operating system, much like Vista, still uses the Windows registry to allow software and hardware to store preferences and settings. The operating system itself also uses the registry for various important tasks. Since the registry is still the same it is still prone to getting cluttered and corrupted.

Thankfully there are software programs that make the process of cleaning out the registry much easier than doing it manually.

One great program that is now 64 bit and works with Windows 7 is RegCure made by ParetoLogic software ( main site | download ). RegCure is an amazing tool that makes it easy to clear out the registry.

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What Is The Registry? Best Windows 7 Registry Cleaner

The Windows registry is a flexible database that allows software and hardware to edit and place entries in order to save preferences and settings even after you have turned off the computer. The registry is what enables Windows to store different permissions for different users, as well as their own personal settings. For example, changing things such as mouse speed and font size are all kept track of by the registry.

Things That Can Go Wrong Best Windows 7 Registry Cleaner

The registry is somewhat delicate and since it's so vital to the proper performance of your computer any clutter or corruption can have an adverse effect on the proper functioning of Windows as well as your software and hardware. For example, excess registry entries could slow down a computer (although faster computers are making this less likely), and extra registry entries created by spyware and viruses can interfere with normal entries.

Some registry problems will cause error messages, and others will cause the slowdown of your computer. Some programs might not run right. This is especially true if things are going wrong after you have installed or uninstalled new hardware or software.

The Best Windows 7 Registry Cleaner Windows 7 Registry Cleaners

Although there are many registry cleaners that do the same general thing, we liked ParetoLogic's RegCure for several reasons. RegCure is easy to use, and most people will be able to run it without a problem (even if you don't have a lot of computer expertise). ParetoLogic is a well known company that puts a premium on customer service and satisfaction. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee and ParetoLogic support is fairly good.

We would like to emphasize that you should definitely make a manual backup of the registry and also make a new Windows restore point before cleaning the registry just to ensure that you won't lose any data.

RegCure is available as a small download directly from ParetoLogic's main site. Or, click here to start the download right away (downloads from ParetoLogic servers).

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